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A partner visa application is a simple solution to becoming a permanent resident of Australia. Looking for a partner visa agent in Melbourne? JADE VISA can help you put together the strongest partner visa application. There are different options depending on your relationship circumstances.

  • Married to an Australian person: Obtain permanent residency in Australia because you are legally married to an Australian person. The marriage relationship must be genuine.  You apply for the temporary and permanent visa at the same time.  First you will be granted a temporary residence visa.  After two years on the temporary residence visa – and you are still married – then you become eligible to be granted permanent residency. 
  • The Fiancé of an Australian person:The Prospective Marriage partner visa is a temporary visa for people engaged to be married to an Australian person. The visa is applied for outside Australia and can be granted when you are in or outside Australia. Once you have entered Australia and your marriage has taken place then you can apply to become a permanent resident following the same two-stage visa process as for the “Married to an Australian” partner visa.
  • De Facto partner of an Australian person:Australia recognises that legal marriage is not the only way that two people commit to being in a long-term relationship. However, the burden of proof for a non-married relationships is higher than for a married relationship. You apply for the the same two-stage visa process as for married partner visa. First you will be granted temporary residence visa, then the permanent residence visa, after two years and still being in the de-facto relationship.


There is a huge volume of partner visa applications submitted every year and an associated high refusal rate.  Sadly, there are many cases of so-called fake partner visa applications.  Understandably, there will be a high degree of scepticism by the assessing case officers at the Department of Home Affairs.

Best Immigration Lawyer and Partner Visa Agent Advice

At JADE VISA, our partner visa experts have the necessary experience to undertake a thorough assessment of the positives and negative points of the evidence to prove the genuine partner relationship.  Complex partner visa grants have one thing in common: The 1-2% deciding facts of the case were presented superbly by JADE VISA’s partner visa professional staff.

Our partner visa experts take the time to understand the cultural and different country settings that exist in each couple’s relationship.  At JADE VISA we provide certainty on the partner visa application process. With decades of experience in helping partners reunite from different cultural and national backgrounds, JADE VISA gets results.

Start by contacting our expert partner visa agents in Melbourne or our expert partner visa Agent in Sydney or our expert partner visa agents in Queensland or our expert partner visa in South Australia to set up a consultation time and allow you to plan your future in Australia as a permanent resident.