Labour Agreement

Labour Agreement Sponsorship Australia

Labour Agreement sponsorships are a sought after and highly prized intellectual property (IP) asset for your Australian business.

A Labour Agreement is a direct legal contract between your Australian business and the Department of Home Affairs.  This IP asset affords your Australian business a massive advantage catapulting you miles ahead of your competition.

Labour Agreements are a big step up from obtaining a standard sponsor license. JADE VISA works proactively to negotiate this IP Asset directly with the Department of Home Affairs on your behalf. Some benefits:

  1. Immediately recruit from available and experienced overseas staff without waiting for these staff members to achieve the higher English-level typically needed for the standard visa sponsorship pathways; and
  2. Recruit less experienced staff, yet who have the skills needed, with the willingness to fill positions you have available right now

Labour Agreements will generally be in effect for five years.  That is 5 years of pushing your business further apart from your competitors.  JADE VISA is here to secure the Labour Agreement IP Asset and help you achieve excellent business results using the Business Immigration Law to your massive advantage.

Contact us to get your business powering ahead of your competition with your own Labour Agreement IP Asset.  There is never a ‘right time’ to put in place these strategies. Just call us to get started.  We promise to minimise disruption and make the whole process seamless.